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384 Hikers Code - Trailhead 2011-05-02

Bierstadt East Ridge

In January while researching an accident I saw the Hiker Responsibility Code for the first time. The code was a part of the Hike Safe website developed by White Mountain National Forest and the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department to help teach hiking skills and responsibilities to users.

The principles of the code emphasize the need for all users to develop the skills necessary to safely travel in the backcountry. Life is full of risks; but in the backcountry the risks may be more severe because a rescue might not be a 911 away. The hiker, biker, ATV rider, climber, etc - must train for the unexpected difficulties of traveling in a wilderness environment. A skillful, experienced user learns to control the risks. Skills are achieved through many miles, over many days of backcountry use. As skills are mastered, experience is achieved.

The overview of Hike Safe is the trailhead of the series. Over the next several weeks, on Mondays we will continue our Hiking Skills Series with the Principles of the Hiker Responsibility Code. The Code is:

"You are responsible for yourself, so be prepared:

  1. With knowledge and gear.
  2. To leave your plans.
  3. To stay together.
  4. To turn back.
  5. For emergencies.
  6. To share the hiker code with others.

hikeSafe: It's Your Responsibility.
The Hiker Responsibility Code was developed and is endorsed by the White Mountain National Forest and New Hampshire Fish and Game."

Next week we will begin the series by splitting Knowledge and Gear (from Point 1) into two points. Knowledge will be the first topic. This should be a fun series! Thanks for joining in!


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