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Scree - January 18, 2011

Richland Creek Greenway Trailhead

An Evening Run

Last night we had an evening run at Richland Creek Greenway. Starting at dusk two close friends and I ran the paths around McCabe Park.

Running at night is always fun. The limited scope of vision makes everything look better. There is also a light to dark illusion at night. Going from dark to light and back again makes me feel like I am running really fast.

A few notes ...

  • The kiosk maps need to be updated.
  • A light was not needed, but we knew where we were going.
  • We saw several other runners on the paths.
  • We saw several other folks just sort of hanging out on the greenway. We had no trouble with anyone, but I am sure a group run is safer than a solo effort.
  • One man we saw hiking the path was walking backwards as he crossed a bridge (oh, this was a large ten or so foot wide bridge). He probably heard us coming and turned to make sure we were runners and not a stampede of wild cows panting up the hill toward him.
  • The Greenway was in good shape and all the flood repairs were completed, but it was dark.
  • The new path construction near the new community center appears to be incomplete. The short section of path is probably tied to the completion on the community center.
  • Revisiting the area reminded me that I need to update the Richland Creek Greenway page and map on the cloudhiking site.
  • Mark set the pace; but Jon won. He always does, he wears a race-car-red jacket!

It was a fun run.

Hike Safe

I found the Hike Safe, There and Back - site the other day. Their mission is:

"A joint effort between the White Mountain National Forest and New Hampshire Fish and Game Department to educate hikers on the inherent risks of hiking and how they can become better prepared before beginning any hike."

Hike Safe is an effort to inform hikers that "You are responsible for yourself. So be prepared." The site is filled with solid information to help educate the hiker. The site also contains a Hiker Responsibility Code. Hikers have to raise their right hands and swear on the book, "Mountaineering, Freedom of the Hills"... just teasing. The Responsibility Code is excellent.