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422 Hikers Code - Share 2011-06-20

Mount Priceton from Yale

You are responsible for yourself, share the Hikers Code with others (Hike Safe)


The last principle of the Hikers Code is to share the Code with others. The basic message is that when we go into the backcountry we need to be prepared by bringing the proper gear and knowledge, leaving an itinerary, staying together, turning back when necessary, and being able to take care of our own emergencies.

We live in a world full of technology. Since the hiking boom of the seventies, the technology of outdoor gear and apparel has increased at a mind boggling rate. The industry has changed from mom and pop companies making gear in the garage to multimillion dollar global conglomerates with sales, marketing, advertising, fashion, and engineering staffs pushing the products to the next latest and greatest.

Now it is easier than ever to be a hiker, climber, or backpacker. Put on the clothes, grab a packful of gear, and pose for the pictures. Gear and clothing are important; but they do not make an outdoors person. Putting in the miles - the days of traveling and living in the backcountry is what gives us experience. There is no easy button.

A few tips on sharing the Code ...

Remember everyone is different. What is easy for one person might be hard for another. What is even more odd is one day might seem harder than next even on similar ground

It is important to encourage folks; but always offer the motivation seasoned with caution.

When planning for a group hike, practice the principles of the Code.

Remember the weather plays a big part in any plans, have alternative goals. If plans change, the contact must be advised of the changes.

Be prepared and cautious. Set a good example by practicing the principles.

A recent Summit Post post was from a young man from the east coast who was planning on climbing Mount Shasta, solo. He had no glacial experience and he had only read as to how to use and ice axe and crampons. The boards lit up with posts trying to talk some sense into the novice. It did not work. Perhaps the posts were just for attention. Who knows? He originally asked for advice and then after pages of users telling him 'no', he was longer interested in their comments. These naysayers were helping to share the Code, whether they knew it or not.

If we use the backcountry it is important for us to Hike Safe. Know, practice, and share the Hikers Code.

Happy sharing the code trails


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