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769 Alum Cave Trail Guide 2013-02-11

Trail sign at the end of the Alum Cave Trail

After recently finishing the Mount Le Conte trail Map, we immediately began working on the Alum Cave Trail Guide. Mount Le Conte is Tennessee's mountain and the Alum Cave Trail is the trail on the mountain. All five of the trails are worthy of consideration, but the Alum Cave Trail has a reputation. Most hikers think the trail is difficult and challenging.

As we wrote the guide, we thought of all the hikers we have met on the trail and those who have been our companions on the mountain. We have seen hikers struggling up the steps of Arch Rock and runners zipping by in a flash. There have been hikers desperate for water and others who had brought bottles of wine to the Le Conte Shelter. On a solo hike, I met a hiker struggling to find the strength to take the next step. I then met the hiker again after I had gone to the summit and descended to Peregrine Point - the hiker was still struggling. Unfortunately, I had to tell the hiker they were just over halfway to the top.

Trail before the 1st log bridge

Alum Cave Trail before the first log bridge

With the new Alum Cave Trail Guide and recently published Mount Le Conte Trail Map we hope to familiarize hikers with the trail and mountain. The trail will still be demanding, but at least the hiker will know where they are on the mountain.

allum Cave

Alum Cave

The guide includes: trail data, directions, photographs of the trail, a written description, links, trail notes, trail mileage, GPS tracklogs, and a map of Mount Le Conte.


Happy Alum Cave trails


cloudhiking.com - Alum Cave Trail


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