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902 Best of 2013
Gear and Diversions

Helio shower

As we look forward to new adventures in 2014, we also enjoy looking back at the past - 2013. Today, we are choosing our favorite Journal entries from the Gear and Diversions categories. Once again, we had many entires that we thought were worthy. Gear had a clear winner that was also our surprise winner too. In the Diversions category, we had many good tales and the choice was very difficult. We hope you remember the gear and stories, and if not will take a few seconds to see what all the fuss is about ...

Gear Review Journal Picks from 2013

Nemo's Helio Shower

Wow, what a surprise! We had tried so many showers through the years and had always been disappointed. We finally settled the shower debate by using the simplest shower possible - a small bag with a spray nozzle. Well, then came Nemo. the pump shower really works and there is enough pressure to spray up! Suddenly showers, even in crowded areas, were possible. It really is that good. The Nemo was our pick for Gear of the Year and Surprise of the Year.

Yeti Cooler

We owned a Yeti cooler, but we now own two. We bought one that when locked, it was bear resistant (maybe bear proof). Not only does the cooler keep things cold it also keeps the bears away. The cooler seals exceptionally well reducing food odors and it also has the locks. After our 2012 adventures, when a bear burglarized our Honda Element, we needed a change. The cooler gave us peace of mind.

Goal Zero Guide Plus

If you carry a smart phone and use it for a camera, gps, phone, emails, text, reading, etc - then you need a way to keep it charged. The Guide Plus (or 10) helps keep it charged. You can charge the batteries from an AC outlet, or by using DC from the vehicle, or from solar. The small solar array charges the batteries very quickly.

Tell it on the Mountain

A story about the Pacific Crest Trail and the hikers was very interesting. It was a favorite of ours. The scenery was great and the hikers tied the scenes to the story. Well done.

Diversion Journal Picks from 2013

Browns Creek

A tale about Browns Creek in Nashville, Tn. The small creek was the subject to tales from a Captain mentor of mine. He almost failed a test because he did not draw the creek as it was shown on the map. A mention of the creek in the news had me checking on a new map and I found out that the Captain was right to omit the creek, it had been ...

Windshield Crack

Driving to Colorado, we had a passing truck to flick a rock and crack our windshield. Talking to the windshield replacement company, the salesperson was trying hard. when she thought I was delaying the replacement by a few days, she warned that we had to be careful while driving with a cracked window ...

Bear Spray

While camped at Jenny Lake in the Tetons, our neighbors left bear spray on the dash of their vehicle. One of the young women opened the car door and the canister exploded. The pepper spray was everywhere. It was a direct hit to her head and eyes. Amy helped to irrigate her eyes but there was so much more in the tale of the Bear Spray.

Happy Gear and Diversion trails


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