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859 Summer Stories
Windshield Crack

On our drive to Colorado this summer (2013), a passing truck kicked up a stone that cracked our aging Honda Element's windshield. We have had a couple of windshield bullets, that were repaired and a side window that had been busted by a marauding bear, but this was our first crack.

We had just gone through Kansas City on I-70 and had taken the tollway toward Topeka. We were in the right lane when a large pickup went speeding by us. The truck stayed in the left lane, but as it passed it sent a rock projectile toward our vehicle that hit the corner of the windshield. A small crack immediately appeared. We had a good cellular signal in our location, so Amy began to see if there was a cure for the crack, other than to replace the window. An accident ahead, slowed traffic to a standstill and gave us plenty of time to research windshield cracks. There were a few suggestions, but no answers.

As we sat suspended in traffic, we decided to call a glass repair company's toll free number. We explained our problem and began setting an appointment for installing a replacement window.

We were headed to Rocky Mountain National Park, but were also going to be spending time in Boulder, CO. We knew where the windshield repair store was located in Boulder and we had been pleased with the store's service on our two previous visits. On requesting the Boulder location, the representative told us that there was instead, an opening at a location in a neighboring city. No, we didn't want another location.

The representative then began putting a bit of a sales pitch on us trying to fit us in the earliest appointment slot. We didn't know why we deserved the spiel, so we resisted. We were planning to be in Boulder a few days after the suggested appointment, so we questioned if there was an appointment for that date? Yes, but we needed to fix the window as soon as possible. The representative insisted on the earlier date. I had to then ask why we couldn't wait a few days longer?

Well, first, a cracked windshield effects your visibility, second, in most states having a cracked windshield is against the law - you could get a ticket, and lastly, you have to drive more carefully with a cracked windshield because in a roll over accident the vehicles integrity is compromised - due to the crack.

You mean we can't go out and roll our car until we get the windshield fixed? What a bummer. We are on vacation, you know.

Now, it was okay to drive around for two weeks and a few days with the broken windshield, even though we could not practice our stunt driving rollovers, but we couldn't wait a couple more days until the scheduled appointment was more convenient for us. Ha!

Believe it or not, we didn't just hang up. We waited until we were planning to be in Boulder and had the windshield fixed at that time. the folks at the shop were excellent. We would recommend the shop, but maybe not the telephone reservation service.

A few notes ...

Our insurance company covered dings in the windshield, but not windshield replacement (until the deductible is met.) They don't even give you the ding coverage cost.

The windshield shop seemed surprised that we had to wait for an appointment. He thought he could have taken care of us without an appointment.

We were just happy to have the windshield replaced and our vehicle's rollover integrity restored.

Happy We Didn't Rollover with a Cracked Windshield trails


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