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662 Grand Canyon
Bright Angel Trail
Part Four - Tips

one of the many warning signs

So a few hot Bright Angel Trail notes ...

Start early. You want to be finished with your hike by ten at the latest - and it will still be very hot.

The trail is in excellent condition (June 2012) and with a good light, it would be easy to follow in the dark - if you chose a pre-dawn descent.

The moderate grade of the trail made the descent fast and the ascent possible despite the heat.

We carried two first aid, ice packs. The chemical packs on lasted thirty minutes or so, but Amy thought they worked really well. They should be in everyone’s Canyon first aid kit.

There are numerous signs on the rim warning of the excessive heat.

The Park has a new safety campaign adapted from the Forest Service (at least that was the first place I saw it.) "Your safety is your responsibility." Meaning, we live in the land of the free, America, and we have the right to make decisions regarding our own safety. The Park Service will not tell you 'no', you have to make that judgement yourself.

Even on a day hike, carry water. I carried a bladder to sip on and two - one liter Platypus water containers. I did not fill the one liter containers for the return hike. The bladder was enough for me between rest houses and I drank extra water when available. Amy carried more water and drank more than me. Each person has different needs. Bright Angel Trail is not a good first hike. Learn about your body and it's needs under severe heat, before you hike the trail.

We drink straight water, but take Hammer's Endurolyte capsules.

It was a little cooler and more shady, the higher in the Canyon we climbed.

If possible, plan your trip for the spring or fall.

If you can score on the permits to hike to the river in the summer, a four day three night trip would be ideal. Limit your hiking to the early morning. Spend the first night at the Gardens, the second night at the River, then hike back to the Gardens for the third night, and up early the next day and return to the rim. Of course you could always ride the mules instead!

On the mule train that passed us, some of the riders looked very hot and uncomfortable.

The day hikes below the Rim are great, just start really early, real early!

We really didn't think the grade of the trail was too severe, others might disagree.

Our 12.2 mile hike took 6.5 hours. The last three hours were very hot!

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