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659 Grand Canyon
Bright Angel Trail
Part One

Plateau Point from the South Rim

The day after our Rim Trail hike, we spent most of the day exploring. We visited both Visitor Centers and the other attractions along the South Rim. There was plenty to keep us busy. The history of the area is very colorful.

One of our many chores for the day was a visit to the library. We were not sure of the arrangement but a small county library lies within the Park. The library had internet, so we made planned on an extended visit. The facility was so busy, there was a line to use their computers. The Librarian was even starting to limit and regulate use. Thankfully, we had our own laptops and were not contributing to their wait.

We sat in an aisle, behind the library’s computers. Looking over the users shoulders, most seemed to be catching up or posting on Facebook, but others were paying bills and even watching movies. One young man brought his whole desktop computer into the Library just to be online - he was playing games. The Library was a great service to the many patrons and to us.

After a couple of hour stay at the Library, we walked back to the campsite. There are many paved paths and trails that connect most of the South Rim facilities. We loved to use the paths, but the problem was most of the paths were not signed nor indicated on a map. We had to guess where the trails were going.

One of our goals for our visit to the South Rim was to hike the historic Bright Angel Trail. The only problem was we did not have reservations for the campground at the bottom of the canyon and we were advised that it was too hot for a summer time round trip day hike. In fact, every trail description, map, and display on the Bright Angel Trail warned about the heat.

But, they have watering stations every 1.5 miles, so how bad could it be? Being prudent hikers, we shortened our objectives to a descent to Indian Gardens, 4.6 miles - one way, and then a visit to Plateau Point - adding another 1.5 miles - one way. Our total one way mileage was only going to be 6.1 miles.

We would wake at five the next morning and start the hike as soon as possible.

Instead of riding the shuttle bus, I talked Amy into walking the extra mile-plus to the trailhead. As we were walking down the hill from our campsite toward the labyrinth of trails, I reached down to turn on the GPS. I did not have it with me. I had to walk back to the campsite. We were losing valuable cool weather hiking time, so we decided to drive to the trailhead instead. In minutes we were out of the vehicle and hiking on the Bright Angel Trail.

Happy to hike the Bright Angel trails


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