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753 Best of Mountains,
Trails, and Metro - 2012

Green tailed towhee at camp

As we look forward to new adventures in 2013, we also enjoy looking back at the past - 2012. Once again, it is time to pick our favorite Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking entries from last year. Today, we are choosing Journal entries from Mountains, Trails, and Metro categories. Choosing was not easy, but these are some of the entries that we enjoyed ...

Our Top Journal Entries for Mountains

  1. A Few Birds - 08/10/12 - Pictures of a few of birds we watched during the summer trip.
  2. Doing the Duty - 09/21/12 - On the La Luz Trail in New Mexico we met a couple of hikers and their dog. It was a funny incident.
  3. Sunscreen Conspiracy - 09/21/12 - Everyone loves a conspiracy story, well except for the sunscreen companies.

Our Top Journal Entries for Trails

  1. Be Kind to Yourself - 11/09/12 - An entry from the Self Rescue series that we will be expanding into a new series of its own.
  2. No Orange Juice - 08/31/12 - A wise young hiker we overheard on the Bright Angel Trail blamed her poor performance to the lack of orange juice. There are also links to the Bright Angel hike on the page.
  3. Low Batteries - 01/06/12 - A funny tale from a hike. We could not see the 'low battery' sign on the GPS, but it was plainly visible in the picture!

Our Top Journal Entries for Metro

  1. Wrong Way - 05/23/12 - A humorous story of unintentionally joining the Tour de Nash bike ride.
  2. Stones River Greenway - 05/15/12 - Riding the greenway on a great spring day.
  3. On the Streets - 05/25/12 - The On the Streets series is about things we see while we walk the dog, run, and bike. The May entry was just a sample from the series ...

We hope you had fun revisiting some of last years pages. Thanks for all of your support.

Happy 'the very best' Trails


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