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328 Best of Mountains, Trails, and Metro - 2010 2010-01-03

Amy climbing in the mountains

For fun we decided to give our picks for our favorites of the year from Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking. Today we are choosing Journal entries from Mountains, Trails, and Metro categories. Choosing was not easy, as there was little difference between number 4 and number 3 of each category. Still someone has to be number 1, so we tried ...


Our Top Journal Entries for Mountains

  1. Mountain Sense - 2010-10-01 - Common sense in the mountains is mountain sense. If you go to the mountains you need to have mountain sense.
  2. Skills Walking - 2010-08-06 - The opening entry for the Trails - Hiking Skills Series.
  3. Peak to Peak - 2010-02-10 - A fun entry simulating a beauty contest for the Colorado 14,000 foot peaks.

Our Top Journal Entries for Trails

  1. Hiking Skills Series (Ten Essentials start)- 2010 over many several dates - The hiking series started by covering walking skills, is currently covering the ten essentials. We could not pick one entry over another, but the series is good for all hikers.
  2. Hydration Lessons - 2010-08-23 - Learning to drink or not to drink and other hints on fluids.
  3. Labor Trail - 2010-09-06 - An entry looking at the art of learning to count ounces.

Our Top Journal Entries for Metro

  1. Better World - 2010-11-19 - What if bicycles were the dominant means of traffic? Would it be a better world? Would there be changes?
  2. Earbuds - 2010-06-19 - Why would you listen to ear buds on a trail, path, or greenway?
  3. Lightning Guider - 2010-02-03 - Jon and Laura's sledding adventures.

Wednesday, we will pick our top entries for Diversions, Gear, and Green.

Happy trails.


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