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558 Best of cloudhiking - 2011 2012-01-17

Trail near the top of Twin Sisters

Continuing on the picks from the Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking sites for our favorites of the year 2011, we are trying to choose our favorite cloudhiking Adventure Guides for Mountains, Trails, and Metro paths. During the year we walked many trails, paths, and greenways. After completing an adventure we would decide if we wanted to work the data we collected into an Adventure Guide. There were a few trails that we chose not to develop into guides. There are many trails that we liked but just have not had time to finish the work. All of the areas that we publish as an Adventure Guide are winners to us. Choosing which winner we liked best was not easy, as there was but a small difference between our picks.

Oh, and naturally if you want to suggest another Adventure Guide, just comment below.

Our Top cloudhiking Entries for Metro Paths

We biked, ran, walked several greenways; but we only did one new set (2 guides) for the cloudhiking. The choices were easy then...

  1. Chickasaw Trail and Greenline Connector, Shelby Farms - The 2.75 mile paved path makes a loop around the center of the park. It is well used as an exercise path and as transportation to different areas of the Park. The Guide also includes the Greenline Connector, a linear trail which connects the Chickasaw Trail to the greenway. The Connector is .6 miles, one-way.
  2. Patriot Lake Trail, Shelby Farms - An easy 1.65 mile loop around the lake is a very popular exercise path and easy stroll. The lake offers boat rentals and fishing.

Our Top cloudhiking Entries for Trails

  1. Millennium and Merritt Ridge Trails, Edgar Evins State Park - This eight mile trail was a bit of a surprise for us. In the winter, it was a hardy hike with great views. If we returned to walk it in the summer, the hike would probably be interrupted by a swim with our dog, Jake. The only sour note was the noise from the boats on the lake. It is still a great adventure.
  2. Lake Trail, Island Trail, Lake View Trail, Pickett State Park - The three mile loop is a scenic, easy trail. The old CCC work projects just add to the natural beauties and formations. It is a great hike.
  3. Short Springs Natural Area, Tullahoma, TN - Machine Falls is the highlight of the 4 miles of trail, though there are many other creeks, views, overlooks, and quiet places. The Falls and springtime wildflowers make Short Springs a great trip.

Our Top cloudhiking Entries for Mountains

  1. Twin Sisters, Rocky Mountain National Park - Our first Colorado Mountain Adventure Guide. After we updated our map making programs, we were able to make bigger, more detailed map. Twin Sisters was our first choice. It is a wonderful hike on the eastern edge of the Park. It is a moderate trail for acclimated and fit hikers. A trail leads 3.5 miles to the summit with great views of Longs Peak and the area.
  2. Alum Cave, Great Smoky Mountain National Park - We re-hiked the trail again to confirm that Arch Rock (a natural arch) was not in the location given on the USGS maps. Always a great hike. We need to complete the Guide for it.
  3. Rainbow Falls, Great Smoky Mountain National Park - Rainbow Falls is a good alternative to the Alum Cave Trail on Mount LeConte. It was a bit easier than Alum Cave; but the trail is longer with more elevation gain. We actually descended Bull Head to make a good loop.

We have hiked a lot of trails which we intend to make into Adventure Guides, as time allows. If you would like to see a guide for a certain area, please let us know, we might be able to move it up on our to do list!

Happy 2011 trails


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