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567 Stone Mountain, Ga -
Part Two

Summit of Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain, Ga - Part One (from 2012-01-27)

Now for a few notes on Stone Mountain ...

The Stone Mountain Park is owned by the State of Georgia; but is operated by a Memorial Association and not the State Parks Department.

No tax money goes to operating the Park.

To fund the Park, the Park has become an entertainment destination. There are boat rides, train rides, and even a Summit Skyride. Other attraction include the laser show, museums, Snow Mountain, zip lines (not from the top), high ropes courses, interactive games, and more. There are also campgrounds, hotels, golf courses, restaurants, etc.

There is a ten dollar per vehicle entry fee to the Park.

Despite the attractions, the Park is still a unique recreation area. Bicycles flock to ride around the mountain (about five miles.) A sidewalk also circles the mountain and it is well used. The "backside of the mountain" (about three miles) has designated bicycle and jogging lanes.

The Cherokee Trail also goes around the mountain. There are several shorter trails including the Nature Trail and Songbird Trail.

A 17 mile greenway connects Atlanta to Stone Mountain.

There were lots of recreational users enjoying the Park when we were there. Bicyclists, runners, and walkers lined the roadway.

It was delightful to see a diverse urban mixture of recreators on the roads, sidewalks, lanes, trails, and summit.

The trails were not as crowded as the roadway.

The Park was well maintained.

There were several areas closed over the winter and other areas were receiving major work, such as the covered bridge.

There were no water sources or restrooms along the trail; but some were available in the Park. Ask about facilities at the entrance or consult the Park Map.

The Cherokee Trail passes close to many of the attractions.

We did not see a Ranger while at the Park; but we did not see an incident where a Ranger might be needed either.

Mobile phones have coverage throughout the Park.

Dogs are allowed on some trails; but not on all trails. Dogs must be on a leash.

The Walkup Trail was even more crowded than the roadway.

The 825 foot elevation gain in over a mile is a worthy climb to the summit. The views are outstanding.

There were call boxes on the route to the summit.

A troubadour playing a guitar and singing, kite flying, and kids hopping on stones to cross a large puddle all helped to add to the festive summit experience.

Stone Mountain Park is a blend of Disney World and nature. It is not as wild as we would have liked it; but it is not as tame as other might like. The Park shows the advantages and disadvantages of privatizing attractions.


Greenway from Atlanta

Greenway from Atlanta

Roadway with bicylists

Bikes Ride One Way, Vehicles the Other

handrail over a steep section

Steeper Section of the Mountain

We did not pay to do anything other than enter the Park. It was definitely worth the ten dollar entry fee. The trails were what attracted us to the Park.

Happy Stone Mountain Park - Part 2 trails

Stone Mountain Park, Part One


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