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718 100 Miles

Montgomery Bell Trail through the Ore Pits

After Monday's Walk 100 Miles with the Mayor and Wednesday's 100 Miles of Greenways journal entries, we promised a 100 Miles of Trails also.

We compiled a list of the trails we had walked, hiked, or run. The list was over 100 miles, but we needed to shorten a few of the longer courses. Most of the trails are done as loops and all of them are recommended. There are a total of 24 trails.

With the list of trails we included the mileage, path name, park or trail section, and links. The links are to the cloudhiking maps, and cloudhiking guides to the areas. There are also pages of trip reports to the trails or Parks in Metro to Mountain (under the Trails header or sidebar) but we did not link to them. If you have trouble finding them, just ask and we will try to help. There are guides to most of the areas, but not necessarily for the routes to reach the designated mileages. There are maps to each area. The maps have the most current information.

There are 11 weekends remaining in the year (2012) ... I wonder if anyone could walk all of the trails before the years end? There are 24 trails, but many of them can be done in the same day. Be careful, though, to return to the trailhead before linking the next trail or the mileages would be different (probably shorter). The tour of trails would make a great way to complete the 100 Miles, but also a good way to see the area parks. If you attempt to do them all, keep us posted.


Happy 100 miles of trails


Trails Tour

Greenway Tour


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