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Scree - November 27, 2010

ridgetops of Tennessee

Ridgetop Mining

TN Governor Bredesen has petitioned Interior Secretary Salazar to protect ridgetops from mining. Senator Alexander, a champion for the environment, applauded the efforts of Governor Bredesen.

From the article in the Tennessean:

Alexander said in a news release Wednesday that protecting the ridgetops will allow more opportunities for outdoor recreation and "attract job-creating tourist dollars."

Ridgetop mining is a cheap source of coal for the mining companies at the cost of irreparable destruction to the land and the possibility of toxic waste polluting the watersheds.

Stopping Ridgetop mining is something we can be thankful for.


A French woman was locked in her bathroom for three weeks. She was finally reported missing and found in the bathroom unable to escape due to a broken lock on the door.

Maybe she will write a book about the traumatic events. How about a new edition to the Worse Case series... "Worse Case Scenario - Bathroom Edition".

Not locking yourself in the bathroom for three weeks, that is something else we can be thankful for.

(Yahoo News - AFP)

Smokey again

See - Smokey.

Smokey is still alive and breathing.

Just something else to be thankful for.


Our friends, Jon and Laura, had their annual after Thanksgiving Leftover Party last night. There was plenty of food and lots of entertainment. A good time was had by all.

And another thing to be thankful for.

Oh, and Mark's mom makes a great cookie. Giving us yet another, thanks.