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Scree - November 25, 2010

Veggie Thanksgiving

Veggie Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving Day. Rose is asking me from the kitchen how to prep the turkey.

I have no clue. I am a vegetarian. Thanksgiving Day for me is not about eating.

Blasphemy! The national day of eating is not about eating? How can that be?

Even when I was an omnivore, I did not really like Thanksgiving Dinner. Dry turkey with drier dressing that you had to douse with gravy (made from giblets - undisclosed turkey parts) just to make it edible was not my idea of a feast. Once I became a vegetarian, I at least have a good excuse for not eating the dry fare!

Thanksgiving to me is about family and friends. Calling, emailing, and visiting are the joys of the day. As for food, just give me some potatoes, green beans, and a hardy piece of bread and I'll be happy as long as I can share the day with my family and friends.

Happy turkey-less Thanksgiving Day


We are sitting our neighbors dog, Smokey, for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Smokey, is very different than our dog, Jake. Smokey is very old. He can't hear and can barely see. He is a Husky that sort of looks like an opossum to me. He does not seem to like people and shows no emotions. He does not smile and does not like to be petted. He is no trouble to keep. He just lays around.

For this Thanksgiving Holiday, I just hope Smokey finds a way to keep breathing until his real guardians (owners) return.