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457 1st Fourteener - Links 2011-08-15

Sunshine Mtn

Over the years we have written many articles on hiking and climbing, all of which would be good foundations for climbing Fourteeners. Hope you enjoy the list. Climb smart and have a good, safe time.



Hiking Skills - Walking - eight articles on How to Hike

HIking Skills - the Ten Essentials - ten articles on the Essentials, plus three articles on extras that probably should be considered Essentials

Hiking Skills - Leave No Trace - nine articles on the important Leave No Trace principles

Hikers Code - Trailhead - seven articles on Hiking Safety


Other Entries

Hydration Lessons - words on water

Motivation - how to keep moving

Moving Over Loose Stones - how to walk on scree

Not Losing It - how not to lose things

Top 10 Items for a Backcountry Kitchen - what to bring for cooking

Saving a Butt - Sportslick and other products

Lost Prevention - staying found

Location, Location, Location - knowing where you are

And Sometimes You Don't - when you don't feel good

Walk Dark - walking in the early morning hours

Turn Around - learning good judgement

Surviving Storms - living through mountain storms

Spot to the Rescue - using a SPOT locator

Risky Business - giving advice

The Pressure on Breathing - learning to breathe in the mountains

An Outdoor Paradox - those that start late are even less prepared

Mountain Sense - being prepared

Mountainous Dog Walking - doing a Fourteener with your pooch

Glissading - sliding safely on snow

Dog Tales - discussing dogs

A Breathing Challenge - trying to breathe in the mountains

Breathe - air, please

Better Group Hiking - tips on hiking with a group

Day Pack Equipment List - what to carry

Packing Mistakes - oops, I left my food behind


Gear - index page with lots of articles on gear

1st Fourteener - article


Happy 1st Time trails


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