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736 Hoka One One
Mafate 2

Hoka One One -  Mafate 2

Last year, my wife bought a pair of Hoka's Bondi B running shoes to help with her foot injuries. She raved about the comfort of the shoes. As a teacher she stands for much of the day. The shoes were the answer to her foot problems.

After listening to all her glowing reports, I bought a pair last fall. The shoes were as good as my wife advertised. (Bondi B review)

Well, then this summer (2012), she bought a another pair of Hoka shoes (her third pair of Hokas), the Mafate trail shoe. Other than the bright colors of the design, she loved the shoe. It became her shoe for our summer's adventures and more importantly her plantar fascitis did not return.

After listening to all of her glowing reports, I bought a pair of Mafates in August. The shoes were once again as good as my wife advertised.

A few Mafate 2 notes ...

The shoes are bright (in color). They almost scare me when I look down at my feet. I guess they warn motorist.

Though I haven't worn them on the trail often, the tread seems aggressive. The shoes grip well in dirt and grass.

The sizing seemed to have changed from when I purchased the Bondi B's or my foot shrunk. The Mafates are a bit big, though they are the same size as the Bondi B's (which fit perfectly).

The run is definitely cushioned, but not as soft as the Bondi B's. My wife thought hers were more cushioned that the Bondi B's, but she bought the original Mafates. I don't know if that is a change or just a difference in perception, but I like the less soft for a trail shoe.

One of my complaints with the Bondi B's was the shoe lacing. The shoes would never stayed tied. The lacing issues have been corrected in the Mafate 2.

When running over wet rock, the shoes seemed slick. There is a trade off, do you want sticky soles or stiffer, longer lasting soles.

The toe box is wide.

The shoes could easily accept orthotics.

My Bondi B's were worn in less than a year. Of course, that was running (easily) over 100 miles per month. The shoes are still cushioned, but just not as much as when they were new.

The Mafates might wear longer than the Bondi B's. We will see.

Hoka shoes are expensive, but when pricing them against other shoes, they were not far out of line.

My wife said that after a day on a rocky trail, her feet did not feel like they had been hit with a hammer (like they do in other less cushioned shoes). I would agree!

I have run and hiked many years of my life. Now, my legs feel the pains of the distance. The Hoka shoes definitely ease that pain. The Mafates especially help me when going downhill. The positive tread and cushioning tame the descents.

Happy Mafate 2 trails



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