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537 Hoka One One - Bondi B 2011-12-14

HOka One One Bondi B

Late last spring, Amy, my wife, came down with a debilitating foot injury. She had had plantar fascitis before; but this was more. She was almost crippled.

She had big plans scheduled for the summer as she was going to Europe for a family reunion and then we were headed to Colorado for a month. Her being able to walk was important. She headed to the doctor. They showed her new ways to tape her heel and foot. They gave her exercises. She got a soft splint (boot) and cane. She hobbled around Europe; but when she got to Colorado she wanted to walk. We started slow and soon she was wearing running shoes and moving well.

Then, when coming off Mount Ypsilon, she re-injured her foot. Back in Nashville, the doctor said that it was time to operate. Amy refused. We started shopping for shoes that would cushion her heel and give her foot a chance to heal.

After consulting with the Boulder Running Company, she bought Hoka One One - Bondi B, running shoes. The shoes are oversized with a lot of cushioning. She thought that they looked like clown shoes; but liked the feel. Four months later she is talking about running!

So after she was wearing the shoes for a while, bragging about them daily, I ordered a pair. They were amazing. I have had a pain in my knee for years. My injury was not serious, but a rather soft pain letting me know, that I better be careful. I have no pain any longer.

I enjoy running. Daily, I look forward to my running time. Now, with the Hoka One's, I am doubly anxious. I am both looking forward to running and to wearing my Hoka One's. Mine are very comfortable. (I only wear my running shoes for running, I wear them as a casual shoe after I have retired them.)

The Hoka One's are amazing shoes.

A few Hoka One tips ...

The Bondi B is Hoka One One's road shoe. It is more cushioned than the other models.

The shoes do not claim to cure any ailments. They just worked for us.

You size the shoe a half to a full size larger than normal. I wear larger shoes anyway, so my size was the same.

The shoes take orthotics well.

I have not had to use special insoles with my Hoka's.

I was sore when I first wore the shoes. They exercised different muscles.

The shoes are very soft. I have used my old (regular cushioned shoes) and they feel like I am running with bricks tied to my feet.

The Hoka One Company claims the design mimics running on a soft surface, such as sand.

After wearing the shoes for a month or so, I noticed Amy was not wearing her Hoka's and asked why. She said that she needed to change shoes so she could feel something solid under her feet. The Hoka One's were her primary shoe.

The shoes are expensive.

My shoes seem to be wearing at about an average rate. I have had some shoes that wore out quicker and some that lasted longer.

Happy Hoka trails


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