shoes drawing




somehow i lost my left shoe
it's not on my foot it's not in the flue
i don't know maybe its under the stool
mom said find it, before i go to school

my sister might have taken it
but it's too small it wouldn't fit
my brother'd never wear such a shoe
even if he was going to the zoo

i can't find it, i holler to space
mom sighed did you look every place?
well I looked in my book pack
and in the closet on the shoe rack

i didn't see it in the wooden box
or in the drawer with all my socks
my shoe wasn't in the family car
mom, help me, I've looked near and far

but, did you look everywhere?
yes indeed even under the stairs
i looked for it under the couch
and as a last resort in an apron pouch

did you look under your bed?
of course I did, and lifted the spread
and under my blue pillow case
i looked all around the place

i searched in the dog house
and in the cage built for a mouse
i looked in my basket of dirty clothes
and in garage next to the hose

mom then affirmed that it was truly lost
yet said i'd go to school at all cost
so she brought out markers, paper, and glue
and said, i'll just make you a new shoe

as she made me a shoe fit for a clown
and said i'd have to wear'em as i walked across town
suddenly i thought of a place i forgot to look
and there was my shoe sitting right next to my book