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Mossy Ridge Trail Junction Sign

A great friend of ours was married over the weekend. It was an honor to witness the ceremony. The evening was over the top good, but that's not what we are really going to talk about ...

One of the great things about weddings is that it brings friends and family together for a joyous celebration. It was fun to get the news on what everyone was doing these days.

Among the guests at the wedding were our friends, Mark and Michelle from Colorado. Mark and I had talked a bit before the weekend and he had asked if I would join them for a wedding day run in Warner Parks. Well, twist my arm. When Mark lived in Nashville, we ran in the Park regularly for a couple of years. Michelle had never visited Nashville but had heard stories about the Park and our many running adventures.

I began training for our informal run. I had to be fit enough to at least keep up with them.

After parking at Deep Well Trailhead, the stories began flowing as we climbed the first hill and made our way across the connector trail to the red blazed, Mossy Ridge Trail (trail description and map).

It was a great run. And so for a few trail notes ...

We arrived late morning and the parking area was overflowing. It was a Saturday, though.

It was unseasonably warm on Saturday.

I don't remember seeing any litter on the trail.

The trail was heavily eroded in a few places.

Some eroded locations along the trail had received a heavy dose of gravel.

Despite the parking area being full, the trail did not seem overly crowded.

The Mossy Ridge Trail is hilly, but the inclines are not very long.

We met a group of women who were carrying loaded backpacks. They were walking the trail as a training hike for an upcoming trip to Grand Canyon. Hopefully, the Park will be re-opened by then.

A rat (also called a corn) snake crossed the path a short distance in front of us. Though non-venomous, we still yielded the right away.

At 12, noon, a tornado siren blasted a test signal. To answer the siren, a pack of coyotes yelped in unison. It you ever wanted to catch a coyote, a good locating tool would be a siren!

The hills of the trail were steep, but the stories were steeper! We had a great run and an even better time talking and reminiscing.

Happy Running trails

Lights of Nashville from the Bridge Building (during dinner)

Also, a special congratulation to Jamie and Lindsay, our happy, lucky couple. May they find a lifetime of happiness wherever their trails lead.


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