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528 Warner Parks 2011-12-01

Warner Parks Trail

Yesterday, I was going to meet a friend and hike at Virgin Falls; but we decided to postpone the hike until December 13. I still wanted to be outside so I decided to go to Percy Warner Park for a short run as a substitute for my hike.

Parking at Deep Wells, I started on the red blazed, Mossy Ridge Trail. The trail was in good shape. It had rained for the four days prior to my run. The rain made a few muddy and slippery spots; but less than expected. I did take one tumble; but it was caused from not lifting my shoes high enough and not from the trail conditions.

The noise from the highway (100) was loud through the barren trees. Leaves really muffle the sound of vehicles. Maybe, we could make leaf wreaths to go on Harleys to quieten them some!

The Park had just a few visitors. It was great weather (sunny and in the 40's); but Winter Wednesdays are probably not the most popular hiking days. On the trail I saw four hikers, two dogs, one runner, and a group.

On one of the ridges that the trail crosses I heard many voices. As I began a steep descent on the trail I saw a class working on invasive plant removal. Just off the trail there were a few text books and notebooks piled on a few exposed rocks. The text books were for an Environmental Education class. I looked at the class members and I thought it was very odd that they were all boys. I pondered the reasons for a gender specific class for a minute and then saw the bus of the school below on the road. The bus was for a boys only school!

The runner I saw on the trail was wearing red. Maybe, he was some kind of professional, I was not sure; but he was dressed in team-like clothing. He wore bright red shoes, black leggings, black shorts, a red jersey with a logo, a hydration belt with four pods or flasks, a red hat, and an iPod. I felt a little under dressed in my sweats and long sleeved t-shirt as he sped past me. Of course he was running and I was just jogging along. Maybe, if I dressed in a similar outfit, I could run faster. Nay, I don't look good in red. : )

A few other trail notes ...

I think I was the only person on the trail not using an iPod.

It is fun to hike or run the trails with the leaves off the trees. It is amazing what you can see and what the leaves usually hide.

There was no litter on the trails.

I didn't see any horses (on the neighboring horse trails.

I saw one bicyclist on the road.

Happy what a great way to spend an afternoon trails


Percy Warner Park - Mossy Ridge Trail

Percy Warner Park - Warner Woods Trail


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