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709 Vaughn Creek
Cross Country Trail

Cross Country meet at Vaughn Creek

A couple of weeks ago, after finishing an update to the Radnor Lake map, we decided to finally make a map of the cross country trail in Warner Parks. Runner friends had asked repeatedly for a map to the course.

Last week we returned to the course and ran it once and then walked it to refresh our minds to the route. The course was just as fun as we remembered. The Map and a mini - Adventure Guide are now available on cloudhiking!

Vuaghn Creek Cross Coutry Trail bridge

A few trail notes ...

We visited on a perfect Sunday morning. There were quite a few others on the course.

There were runners and walkers using the course.

The course is a nice soft run or walk.

Dogs were playing, chasing balls, in the open fields.

Privies were located near the trailhead, probably left over from cross country meets. We were happy they were there!

The map uses 10 feet contour lines. 50 feet between the thicker index lines.

The map was actually designed to be printed.

Of course, you may still download the map the pdf file to a smart phone.

The mileages were taken from several GPS readings. They may differ slightly from the exacting mileages of a race. If you are just exercising, the mileages are close enough, but if you are racing - consult the race director for the exact course and mileage.

The trail shown on the map is the outer loop. There are also many cut-offs and other trails traversing the open fields along Hwy 100.

Even if you are running remember: do not litter and minimize your impact on the Park.

The cross country course is a great place to race, run, jog, trot, walk, or just play. Plan to visit it soon!

Happy Vaughn Creek Cross Country trails


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