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336 Top Ten Reasons to Hike
in the Snow

snowy trail in Edwin Warner Park

It snowed again last night in Nashville. An inch fell and the city is closed for the day. Despite businesses being closed the trails never close. If you can get to the trailhead, the adventure is yours for the taking. Just use care on the snowy trails. If you are going far into the woods, pack the essentials and practice the Hike Safe Hiker's Code. Remember: slippery slopes fell lots of folks. Be careful out there.

Top Ten Reasons to Hike in the Snow

10 - Fewer Hikers - Very few hikers think about hiking in the snow. They are cold enough in the city, so why would they venture into the woods?

9 - The Dog - Dogs love the snow and hiking in the snow. They take joy in pulling you down the snowy trails. Pleasing your dog is reason enough to go for snowy hikes; but remember to keep them on the leash - it adds to the adventure! Oh, we would consider renting our dog, Jake, to the right hikers if they need a hiking dog. Ha!

8 - Snow Ball Fights - Trails make excellent terrain for epic snowball fights. Soon hikers you have never even met have entered the fray. Be kind to those who do not want to participate and let them pass; but keep an eye on them while they or you might be blind sided by an eighty year old assassin.

7 - Animal Tracks - The tracks of animals and birds are everywhere. They are easy to identify and follow.

6 - Test Equipment - A snowy hike is a good time to test equipment. Does your layering system work? What is the temperature and wind shield? Are you warm or cold? What layers can you take off, adjust, or put on? The snowy cold was the reason you bought that below zero parka, try it on and see how it does.

5 - No Sweat - For those perspirers out there, you can actually go for a hike without sweating. Of course you might have to remove layers until you are only wearing a t-shirt and then have to slow down; but you can control sweating. Layering is an important key to winter hiking comfort.

4 - Quiet - The snow muffles the sounds of the woods leaving, you in a peaceful quiet. Oh, if you breakout into a snowball fight, the quiet is disrupted.

3 - Pretty - Be sure to bring your camera. The pictures are unbelievable. Even on a familiar hike, the snow enhances and changes your views of everything.

2 - Adventure - Hiking on the snowy trails is an adventure. That is why so many hikers choose not to hike in snow. The trails can be icy and slick; but that is part of the thrill. Just be careful and practice good judgment. If the conditions are uncertain, it is okay to turn around and change your plans.

1 - Snow Ball Cairns - A cairn is a pile of rocks built to help mark the route. A snowball cairn is a route marker made of snowballs. Making snowball cairns are a good, but at times cold, diversion from hiking.


snow cairn

Snowy hikes are a good way to continue your exercise program in the winter and the hikes are fun. Trekking poles are invaluable tools on a snowy trail. they are available at REI, the other affiliates, and in Nashville at Cumberland Transit.

Happy snowy trails


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