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763 Standing Stone
Map and Guide

Recreation Hall to Lake spur trail with woman and dog

We visited Standing Stone State Park a few weeks ago. After enjoying our hike on the Lake Trail we decided to make a map and guide of the Park. After two weeks, the map and guide are finished. Note: both the map and guide could still be tweaked, but we change any of the maps and guides when we find new or better data, pictures, etc.

Working on a map and guide is strangely similar to a school paper or project. For the brief period of time we are working on a map and guide, we are totally engrossed in learning everything possible about the Park and trails. We pour over the material trying to be as accurate as possible, but still present the data in a user friendly form. By the time the map and guide are finally uploaded, we know such crazy information as the UTM and NAD 27 coordinates for the four corners of the map, the mileages of all the trail segments, the exact location of every picture, and more. Of course, in a few weeks our minds will be wiped clean of this trivia and filled with the next Park's information. Still, the maps and guides allow us to prolong our visit to the Parks as we work on the project.

Hwy 136 crossing the dam

For Standing Stone Park, we enjoyed our visit and our two weeks working on the map and guide.

So for a few notes ...

One of the things we liked most about Standing Stone State Park was the CCC and WPA building projects. From the dam to the old cabins and even some trail work, the stone crafters built an enduring legacy.

We thought the Park was similar to Pickett State Park and Cumberland Mountain State Park. Visit all three parks to make a tour of the CCC's work.

To make the map and guide, it really helps to have a contact with the Park or land manager. Ranger Shawn H helped us by being our contact and providing information and ideas. Thanks.

We are looking forward to returning to the Standing Stone. We would like to hike the Cooper Mountain Trail. The trail starts and ends on the Lake Trail. Well, and there is also the marbles ...

Plan on a visit to the Park and to hike the trails. What a great destination for a short day visit or for an overnight.

Happy Standing Stone Map and Guide trails


Standing Stone State Park Map and Guide

Link to our visit of the Park


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