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Short Springs
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Bobo Creek

Bobo Creek

This morning we finished the Adventure Guide to trails of Short Springs State Natural Area. The map was published last week and the Adventure Guide today.

If you have never been to the area, it is only an hour and a half from Nashville and is a good adventure. In warmer weather the creeks and branches would be a good place to frolic. In cooler weather it is fun to wade through the leaves.

Please check out the cloudhinking page and visit the natural area. Take a hike.

Our next map will be in Rocky Mountain National Park. We have not decided on the exact trail yet.

On December 13th we are planning on hiking the trails at Virgin Falls. We are excited about the hike and working on the map and guide to the natural area.

Happy shorty trails


Scree note

Over the weeekend there was a video and story about Santa making a rappelling entrance at a mall in Florida. Well, during his death defying drop, Santa got his beard caught in the descending device. He did finally make it down the rope to the waiting children.

I am afraid that even Santa needs to practice good rappelling techniques. We all know that anything that gets even close to a descender seems to get sucked into the device. Ouch.

Extending the descending device from the harness with a looped piece of webbing keeps hair, clothing, and even beards out of harms way. Maybe, Santa should learn a few lessons from our friend Ramble, the Tennessee State Park mascot or the rappelling raccoon. I hear he gives lessons. Ha!

So, I bet o' Santa is now singing, "all I want for Christmas is a new white beard ..." Ho, ho, ho


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