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623 Just Radnor Lake 2012-04-17

Radnor Lake

Sunday was going to be a busy day for us and we only had a couple of hours in the early morning for a hike. We decided to just go to Radnor Lake and make an easy day of it.

We do not normally go to Radnor because our dog, Jake, likes visiting the parks also. Radnor does not allow dogs on the trails. Dogs are allowed on Otter Creek Road in the Park, but Jake would not be happy walking on the road, unless he could also jump in the lake and swim.

Okay, Jake is spoiled and we pretend to know what he is thinking. We are pretty sure Jake knows when we are going on a hike and he will sit at the gate and give us the most pitiful look if we try to leave without him. He has the guilt look down pat and was practicing it that morning. As we backed out of the driveway our poor dog stuck his head through the fence to watch in dismay.

The parking area on the west side of the Park was over half full at seven-thirty in the morning.

Because of the Great Flood of 2010, some of the trails at Radnor had to be rebuilt. We still have not revised our map on cloudhiking. I walked the new sections of the trail once but the GPS tracks were not very good. We were going to walk the South Cove and South Lake trails again, so we could get another GPS track of the trails.

beaver's work at Radnor Lake

The South Cove Trail was in great shape. The morning air was still cool making for almost perfect walking conditions as we climbed to the ridgeline. After a short walk on the ridge we descended to the new section of trail. It had been almost exactly one year since I had walked the trail. The work seemed to have provided a manageable path free from excessive wear and erosion.

As our time was running out, Amy began to say that we needed more time. She wanted to walk all of the trails. I agreed. Even for just a short trip, our Radnor Lake visit was a refreshing morning adventure.

A few Radnor Lake notes ...

I only saw a couple of pieces of litter on the trails. Hopefully the hikers dropped it by mistake.

We followed a group of four to the top of the South Ridge. They were very strong hikers.

The trails are so cushioned at Radnor, the Park is probably not the best place to train for bigger hikes. I have seen golf courses that are not as manicured!

There were quite a few folks on the trails. Going early is a good answer. The parking area was filled when we left.

We did see a Park employee walking the trails.

Jake was waiting in the same place (as we left him) when we returned. Amy threw him a couple of balls in the back yard and he soon forgot that we had left him at home : - )

Happy Just Radnor trails

cloudhiking's Radnor Lake - South Cove and South Lake Trails


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