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411 National Trails Day 2011 2011-06-04

Upper bridge on Alum Cave Trail

When I first visited Nashville in 1985, I immediately found a local park with trails. It was a wonderful park with a beautiful roadway; but the trails were so overgrown that navigation was difficult. For the first couple of years after I moved to town I had the trails to myself. No one else seemed to walk on the trails. I regularly ran seven to twelve mile trail loops and never saw another hiker, even on the weekends. The few people I did see, seemed to be on the trail by mistake.

Since those days, there have been numerous efforts to get people outdoors. Starting in 1987 with Ronald Regan's Trails for All Americans through last years America's Great Outdoors Initiative, every President has emphasized the benefits of being outdoors.

Another initiative started in 1993, National Trails Day. The Day was set aside to do things outside. Whether going for a hike, leading a hike, working on a trail, collecting litter and trash, sharing the outdoor world, or just soaking in fresh air, the day was started to celebrate and appreciate the great outdoors. It is not a holiday; but maybe it should be!

With all these programs, more and more people go to the parks. In my local park, the trails are now wide and easy to follow. So many people now use the trails that they are often times crowded. I tried to preserve my little park from the masses by spreading rumors about snakes slinking behind rocks, massive toads near every water source that spread warts by just looking at you, rabid deer who would attack innocent hikers, and a huge beast lurking in the thickets - was it a wolverine? : )

Fortunately, my efforts were not successful. The number of users have continued to grow. Runners, hikers training for big adventures, speed hikers, fitness hikers, strolling hikers and curious adventurers share the trails. I have finally gotten used to sharing the trail and look forward to seeing others using it. It is not a secret anymore, trails and being outdoors are good for our mind, body, and soul.

I hope to see you out on the trails celebrating!

Happy national trails (day)


scree - FCF Climbing Workshop

Today and tomorrow is the Spring Fall Creek Falls Climbing Workshop. We were unable to go until this afternoon; but look forward to lots of tales from today and adventures for tomorrow. We will be getting back late tomorrow. We will post to the Journal then.


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