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239 National Trails Day 2010-06-09

Trail at Cordell Hull State Park

Saturday, June 5, was the American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day. The Tennessee State Parks were offering a few trail work days and guided hikes across the state. This year we could not help with the Trails Day events. We had other plans for the day. We were going climbing instead.

Waking early Saturday morning (that is, an alpine start, very early!) I came up with an idea, a sort of penance - I would make a trail map for my good friend, Robin. She is the Manager of Cordell Hull State Park. The Park has a two plus mile trail, and needs a map. Last week, she had invited me to visit the Park and walk the trail, hoping that I would soon make a map.

A few hours of work and I finished the map and cleared my conscience. We were just a little bit late in starting our now guilt-free climbing trip.

It is important for us to give back to the community. It is important for us to support the trail systems. Most trails are free to walk, but they are not free to construct or maintain. The land costs money. The land managers are paid a salary. The trails must rely on volunteer help or pay for workers. And someone ... even has to make a map of the trail.

Happy National Trails Day trail.


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