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729 Mossy Ridge
Fall 2012

leaves on the trail

Yesterday, Sunday, we had planned to go hiking, but had not yet chosen a destination. After considerable deliberation, we decided to go to Warner Parks to hike the red blazed, Mossy Ridge Trail. Yes, we have hiked the trail a gazillion times, but the trail is always fun, it is dog friendly trail, and it is a great two hour walk.

It was a perfect fall day as we arrived at the crowded Deep Well Trailhead. Jake led the way as we climbed the hill beyond the trail kiosk to the short trail that connects to the Mossy Ridge Trail.

As we walked at a leisurely pace, we knew we were in for a treat. Layers of leaves coated the ground and still more leaves were held in the swaying branches above our heads. We were walking in a leafy wonderland. It was indeed a special day of gold, orange, red, and brown. As we walked we celebrated fall.

nearing Quiet Point

A few trail notes ...

The trail was crowded with other hikers, dog walkers, and trail runners. All of the users were enjoying the pristine fall day.

Most of the dogs were on leashes. It is indeed more difficult to walk a dog on a leash, but that is the Park rule. Dog Parks do not require leashes.

The trail was in great shape and litter free.

Trash barrels (which were new to us) were located on the trail near road junctions. Most of the trash in the containers were empty plastic drink bottles. We were glad to see that the bottles were deposited into the trash containers, but even better - hikers should visit Cumberland Transit (or you favorite store) and buy (and begin using) a refillable bottle.

The trash receptacles on the trail were just lined, open barrels. They were definitely not critter-proof. It would not be appropriate to dispose of food in the containers.

Two dads were "baby packing" (carrying the babies in backpack-ish carriers) their infants. The children were enjoying the ride and the dads looked as if they were having a good workout.

It was a great day to be on the trails, hope you were able to get out too!

Happy Fall trails

Tornado Rd ground cover


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