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738 Montgomery Bell
State Park
new Trail Map

Montgomery Bell State Park Trail Map

We (cloudhiking) have just completed a new trail map for Montgomery Bell State Park - near Nashville. The new map updates the older map of the Park.

So why update it? Did you change anything?

We have made a commitment to not only make new maps, but to also update all of our old maps. All of the maps on cloudhiking need to be geo-referenced, that is our goal. We are slowly converting the older maps, but we keep getting sidetracked because we also want to make new maps.

The new maps include a shaded relief background, grid, scale bar, and all of the map information is entered as GIS data.

the Hall shelter on the MB Trail

A few notes about the Park ...

Montgomery Bell is close to Nashville.

The Park has a great network of trails. The trails are moderate in grade. They are great for day hikes, backpacking, or trail runs.

The trails are well maintained. We have been there when it looks as if the leaves were blown off the trails!

There are three overnight shelters. Contact the Park Office for more information.

Trails lead to each of the lakes and the trails also cross many streams.

The Ore Pits Loop is a great day hike. The trail is also included as a part of the Montgomery Bell Trail.

Leading to Lake Woodhaven, the Spillway Trail follows an easy grade along Hall Creek.

Instead of driving to the Inn, take the Wildcat Trail. It connects the Campground, Park Office, and Inn.

The important Creech Hollow Trail bisects the park. It divides the Montgomery Bell Trail so that it may also be hiked in two shorter loops - East and West. The trail also goes to Creech Hollow Lake. Below the Lake, the trail follows the creek through the hollow. It is a very picturesque section of the Park.

The Montgomery Bell Trail also passes the historic McAdow Cabin and close to the old Presbyterian Church.

On the Maps page of cloudhiking is an explanation of how to load the maps onto smart phones and tablets.

McAdow Cabin

Montgomery Bell is a great place to getaway, yet it is still close to Nashville. Plan a visit to the Park soon and enjoy the map.

Happy Montgomery Park trails.

cloudhiking page - Montgomery Bell Park


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