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666 Moab and Delicate Arch 2012-06-24

Delicate Arch

After leaving Fruita (Capitol Reef National Park), we made the relatively short drive to Moab. Once again it was interesting to travel through the Utah deserts. One thing I thought was interesting was the number of large motor boats being towed (by big SUVs or trucks) probably to Lake Powell. We didn't speak with any of the drivers, but we did see signs to Lake Powell. It was just odd seeing the big boats in the desert.

It was great to return to Moab. We camped at a small campground in town, Up the Creek. The campground is for tents only. It is nice not having to set your tent up in a RV city. Another nice feature of the campground is that all of the sites are walk-in ones. You park near the road and use a provided cart to transport your equipment to your site. Cars are not allowed in the camping area! It is nice to visit a campground that caters to tents only. (Of course, Jenny Lake in the Tetons and Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park are also tent only campgrounds.)

The next morning we went to nearby Arches National Park. It was already hot, when we started the short hike to Delicate Arch. The path was exposed to the sun and crosses large sections of slickrock. The smooth rock just reflects the heat making it even hotter.

We sort of missed a turn on the approach hike and then did not return to the normal route. We did an alternative route instead, that was fun and less crowded. Oh, we paid special care to only step on rock on our off trail adventure.

At the Arch was a huge crowd. For some reason, the visitors were waiting in groups near the Arch - taking their turns getting their pictures made underneath it. There were so many people waiting to get their pictures made, that one visitor was organizing the photo shots. We just wanted a shot without anyone underneath it!

Ute petroglyphs

On our return to the trailhead we followed the trail. A worthy side trail led to a great set of Ute petroglyphs.

We highly recommend the short three mile round-trip hike. It is a good introduction to the slickrock and the Arch makes a great picture. In the summer the trail is hot and maybe very crowded.

Wish you were here.

Happy Delicate trails


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