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274 Mossy Ridge Trail Run 2010-08-30

trail open sign

Last Friday, I joined the Outdoor Initiative meeting in Nashville. They were essentially asking "how do we get more people outdoors?"

Sunday, my friend, Jon and I went for a trail run at Percy Warner Park in Nashville. We were going to do our part for the Outdoor Initiative. Well, somebody has to do it.

The trails in the Park are old favorites of ours; but I have not been on a trail run in almost a year.

Last summer, '09, Amy and I spent the summer climbing the Colorado 14ers. After a couple of months later we finished; but the last few days were especially tough on our bodies.

Back home I kept trying to run; but I was plagued by nagging little leg injuries. It was not until May of '10 before I was injury free enough to go to the Park. Well then the rains came. The Park and all of Nashville was flooded. The trails were closed until the Park's crews could clear the debris.

I am not sure when the trails were officially reopened. The Park does not have a very active web site. We spent the summer of '10 in the Rockies and came back to exceedingly hot weather. Yesterday, was the first time I officially knew the trails were open.

What a delight it was to trot along on the familiar trails. Up and down the hills we jogged along meeting other runners and walkers. We had a great time on the run and were happy to participate in the Outdoor Initiative. We will try to keep up our participation.

A few trail notes:

  • The trail was in excellent shape. We were surprised by how little damage the May floods had on the trail. The damage was mainly from fallen trees. Only two very short sections of the trail were re-routed. Two or three other sections had had large trees fallen across the trail. The trail definitely weathered the storm.
  • The Deep Well area was one of the only trail areas that received major wash damage. The gravel from the trail had washed to the road and I am sure had to be repositioned on the hill.
  • Kudos to the original builders of the trail. It passed the one hundred year test!
  • There were as many runners as walkers on the trail.
  • A couple of teenagers were running a golden retriever on the trail. The dog was very hot. Please use care with dogs in the heat. There was no water on the trail. Dripping Springs was just slime covered rock.
  • We ran the Red Trail, Mossy Ridge, counter-clockwise. It has the steeper climbs and longer (but not as steep) descents. It is easier on my knees.
  • I carry a small running pack when I go on trail runs. The pack's contents are simple, first aid kit, emergency kit, toilet kit, rain gear, and for longer trips extra water bottles. With just a few extra pounds I pack many answers to potential trail incidents.
  • All runners walk some hills. The basic rule for long distance running is, if you can not see the top of the hill, then you walk it. My friend, Jamie, walks hills faster than I can run them! His motto is - don't hesitate to walk, just walk fast.
  • Be sure to carry water on the hot days.
  • Don't forget to have fun.

Happy Mossy Ridge Trails.


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