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505 Ellington Agricultural Center Trail System 2011-10-27

Seven Mile Greenway adjacent to Ellington Ag Canter

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working on the Ellington Agricultural Center's Trail System Map and Adventure Guide. In order to confirm a few points, I talked a friend of mine into joining me as I revisited the area on Sunday. We were going to run the Seven Mile Creek Greenway and then the Ag Center trails.

The trailhead for the Seven Mile Creek Greenway is located at Whitfield Park off Edmondson Pike. The path follows the Seven Mile Creek drainage. At about .35 miles the trail crosses Marchant Drive. Marchant is the main road through the Ag Center Campus. South of the crosswalk the path continues for .25 miles. The greenway is flat. At the end of the paved way, a mowed path continues. The path crosses a drainage on a small bridge and goes for .30 miles to the Oakley Road area.

Returning to Marchant Drive we headed west into the Ag Center. After crossing the creek, we turned right (north) at the junction. The Rogers Walk Trail crosses the road in a short distance. We followed the trail around the loop.

Completing the Rogers Walk loop, we returned to the Seven Mile Creek Trailhead. Our total mileage was just under four miles.

A few greenway and trail notes ...

The greenway and trail system were popular with dog walkers. There were several wet dogs who seemed to have taken advantage of the creek access points.

Most of the dogs were on leashes and none of the dogs were annoying.

The greenway was short, but I was surprised by how many walkers (and dogs) were using the path.

There were toddlers learning to ride bikes on the greenway.

The Rogers Walk was a good run. Most of the trail follows dirt roads, making it easy to meet or pass other hikers or runners. The hills are of a moderate grade and are short in distance.

The restrooms at the Ag Center's overflow parking area were open.

The water spigots were operational.

We enjoyed our run at the Ag Center and greenway. The path was a fun romp. The Ag Center in comparison to other parks felt more like the Bells Bend than it did Beaman. The campus is also close to Radnor Lake State Park and the Ag Center allows dogs and runners.

Happy we finished the map trails.


cloudhiking's Ellington Agricultural Center Trail System


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