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580 Edwin Warner Visit 2012-02-16

Harpeth Woods trail

Sunday, Jake, the dog, and I went to visit Edwin Warner Park in Nashville. It was a cool February day and the Park was not overly crowded. We parked at the Nature Center and left the trailhead following the blue blazed, Harpeth Woods Trail.

We have visited the Park many times before, but this visit was not without a purpose. We needed to update our pictures on cloudhiking for the Harpeth Woods Trail (the posted pictures are the trail in the snow) and walk the Old Roadway to see the reconstructed walls and re-paving (repairs from the mighty flood).

Soon we caught up to a hiker who was carrying a weighted pack. I asked and he proudly responded that he was training for a Grand Canyon trip. He was working hard.

Jake at the dog postAlmost everyone else we saw were walking dogs. Of course as all dog owners know, dogs like (or demand) to be walked in all weathers. Even in bad conditions you will see dog walkers in the Park.

Returning to the trailhead we then walked the Old Roadway. We only walked a bit over 2 miles on the old road, but the compete roadway walk is over five miles with no traffic!

A few other trail notes ...

The Harpeth Woods Trail was in good shape; but it had short stretches of mud.

If the trails are muddy, hikers should still stay on the trail. Do not widen the trail by trying to avoid getting your feet muddy. We wear old shoes if we suspect the trails to be muddy and also leave an extra pair of shoes in the car for the ride home.

A good alternative to walking on muddy trails is to walk on the Old Roadway (see map). In Edwin Warner Park the roadway is an excellent path/greenway.

The Harpeth River Greenway is another option for walking when the trails are muddy.

I used one of Jake's poop bags to pickup tissue paper along the trail and road. There was quite a few incidents of where someone littered.

The work on the roadway seemed completed.

Descending on the roadway, the Nature Center was visible between the barren trees. It looked like a church building. Just an observation.

Warner Parks Nature Center

Warner Parks Nature Center

It was a good day for a walk. We hiked 4.7 miles.

Happy Edwin Warner trails


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