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618 Easter Hike 2012-04-10

Loop trail with hikers and dog

On Sunday afternoon we packed up the old Honda mobile and headed to Long Hunter State Park for a hike. Because we were bringing dogs, we were going to hike the Day Loop Trail starting at Bakers Grove Trailhead. It was a prefect day and the parking area had a dozen or so cars parked when we arrived.

Our daughter, Rose and her foster care dog - Maddie, joined us for the hike. Jake led the way down the trail (on a leash) and Maddie followed as she learned how to be a big dog.

The trail winds through exposed limestone rock formations and sink holes. The area is typical of a cedar glade. Weaving through the obstacles, gives the trail a special discovery feel, leaving you wondering - what will you see next? Of course you sort of have to be into rocks to have any 'wow' moments. I did not find any Easter eggs, though. We must have not been on the 'bunny trail'.


Dogs playing on the lake shore


Going out to a point of a peninsular, the trail goes close to the Percy Priest Lake shoreline. That was all Jake, our dog could stand. Amy let him go for a swim. Thirty minutes later we were still trying to get him out of the water!

We returned to the trailhead finishing the Loop. It was a great hike and not as crowded as expected. All the hikers and runners, seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a Happy Easter.

A few trail notes ...

There are no facilities at the trailhead. The main Park entrance is a short distance away and restrooms are available at the Park Office.

The trail was in good shape and we did not see any liter on the trail.

The shores of Priest Lake was strewn with litter. I would assume that the trash was left by lake users rather than hikers.

Due to the trail's proximity to the highway and the lake, it was a bit noisy.

Vegetation was encroaching on the trail and would soon need to be trimmed.

Poison ivy, part of the encroaching vegetation, was close to the trail and in abundance. I think we escaped the wrath of the itch, but we all took showers as soon as possible.

I did not recall seeing any wildflowers.

We pulled a couple of ticks off of us and many more off of Jake. The puppy was black, so it was hard to see if she had any ticks or not.

The Day Loop Trail is a fun hike. It is appropriate for most hikers and is also a good trail run. If you have never hiked the trail, it should be on your to do list.

Happy Easter trails


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