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009 The Dog - Leave No Trace 2008-11-21

Jake leaving no trace

You’re right I am one of those - a dog lover. Actually to make matters worse, I really think my dog is the best.

For five years Jake has lived with my wife and I. He goes everywhere with us, including on the trail and in the mountains, but wait before you crucify me....

Jake is a good dog. He shows no signs of aggression toward humans or animals.

Jake is trained. He walks on a lead basically all of the time, even though he obeys voice commands. He walks on heel on or off the leash.

Jake is exercised. He walks in the morning and evening and gets to run in the middle of the day. The regiment is interrupted by frequent trips to the backyard to chase flying squirrels (a toy).

His owners (us) are responsible. We clean up after his duty, tend to his needs, and have made him a part of our family.

So when you see Jake in the wilderness, he is on a lead. He will not be chasing elk or marmot. He stays on the trail and does not shortcut.

You will have to ask to pet him (even though he loves to be petted by everyone). He doesn’t want anything to do with any other dog or animal.

Jake practices leave no trace, there is no way you will see a trace of him other than by our side!



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