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603 Cummins Falls 2012-03-20

Cummins Falls

Amy is off this week so we are taking a couple of small trips during the week. Yesterday we visited Cummins Falls a few miles northwest of Cookeville, TN. Ranger Ray joined us and led us to the falls.

Cummins Falls is a beautiful waterfall that was almost the centerpiece of a housing development until the Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation became involved. The Foundation was able to arrange for the land to be purchased by private citizens and then raise the funds needed to buy the land back from them for the State Parks.


Cummins Falls Sign to visitors


The Parks hope to open the land soon. They are busy preparing the land as a State Park.


trillium in bloom


We walked from the proposed parking area to the Falls overlook. Staying high along the rim we walked downstream for .40 mile and then descended to the Blackburn Fork.


Blackburn For wading


We thought there was a trail up the river bank, but noticed something fishy going on when Ray rolled us his pants. We were wading.


Another picture of the Falls


Finally we rounded a bend and reached the Falls. What a great swimming hole.

Leaving the Falls we climbed up through short cliff sections of dirt, mud, and rock to the top. A rope had been place to help safeguard the route. Jake, the dog, did not care much for the climbing; but he loved the swimming hole.


Jake swimming at the falls


Cummins Falls will be a great addition to the State Parks. Please be patient as they prepare to officially open the land as the official Cummins Falls State Park.

Oh, our total mileage was 2.15 miles; but we wandered a bit.

Happy Cummins Falls trails


Tennessee Park and Greenways


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