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650 Cummins Falls
State Park

Cummins Falls ceremony

Yesterday, we finished the cloudhiking's map and adventure guide to Cummins Falls, The Park has only been open for one day!

Tuesday, 22May12 was the actual big day. A large crowd of people gathered at the event to witness Cummins Falls officially becoming the 54th Tennessee State Park. Congratulations to all the folks who worked so hard on the project and to all those people who will now reap the rewards of the new Park.

Rangers walking toward the Falls

My first experience with Cummins Falls was a humorous one ...

Last fall, at an outdoor gathering, a group of us were sitting around a campfire one evening listening to Nick and Ed's music and telling tall tales. After a while the tales turned toward Cummins Falls. Some folks claimed Cummins Falls was the best swimming hole in the state. Others claimed that it was a great place for skinny dipping. Looking at my physique, I declared "well, I won't be doing any skinny dipping even if it is the best swimming hole."

A quick witted friend then replied, "maybe you could go chunky dunking instead!"

We all had a big laugh, but at the time I had never visited Cummins Falls.

On our first visit to the Falls was in March. We walked the downstream trail to the Blackburn Fork Creek and then waded upstream to the Falls. I have not been to all of the swimming holes in the State, but Cummins Falls was truly spectacular. As I looked at the pool, I couldn't help but think about the humorous 'chunky dunking' comment. Oh, I didn't want to go for a swim, but I am always ready for a good laugh.

If you are looking for a good swimming hole or just a nice place for a hike, you will find Cummins Falls is a good destination. It is a worthy addition to the Tennessee State Park System.

Happy Cummins Falls trails

Links ...

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cloudhiking Cummins Falls page


The photos are compliments of our friend, Laura. Thanks!


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