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176 Cumberland Trail
and Other News

creek along the trail

Newsworthy note: the State of Tennessee under Gov Bredesen added more than 3,000 acres and 10 miles to Cumberland Trail State Park. The Park now has over 23000 acres! Now that is something to cheer about.

Not only did the Park acquire the land, but they are planning on using it. The land was an added with an intended purpose - to extend the trail. Congratulations to the Governor, Mr Fyke, TN State Parks, the Cumberland Trail Park, the people of the state, and to all those who will visit the trail. Thanks to all those who worked so hard to make the deal.

We hope to get over and hike parts of the trail soon. The trail will be a great addition to Cloud Hiking.

Speaking of Cloud Hiking, we just finished the Montgomery Bell State Park trails on Cloud Hiking. The page made me want to go back and hike it again. One of the sad things about doing weekly trails, is that we don’t have time to return and re-hike a trail that we like. Please check out the site and the Park.

We are currently working on Cumberland Mountain State Park trails. Ranger Mo has been kind enough to proof the map, hopefully the errors will be few. The Cumberland Mountain pages should be out by the weekend or early next week.

Other news: We are going to Fall Creek to hike Saturday. The talk is to do the Gilbert Gaul Loop, all the paved bike paths, the trail to the Falls, and the Upper Loop Trail through the Scenic Driving Loop. Come join us.

And if you thought there could be no other news.... Ed and fast Nick are in New Hampshire and have learned to cross country ski. It sounded like they were having a great time. I just feel sorry for Ed having to try to keep up with Nick! That might be impossible. Ha! Bring home the pictures guys.

Happy 10 new miles of Cumberland Trail State Park trails.


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