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145 Cedars of Lebanon Park, Lebanon, TN 2009-11-02

hidden springs at Cedars of Lebanon

For our weekly hike we chose the trails at Cedars of Lebanon State Park located a few miles south of Lebanon, TN off Hwy 231 (Murfreesboro Rd). I had visited the park many years ago but really didn’t remember much about it, so I was anxious to revisit the area. Our friend, Jon, joined us on the hike and as always gave good commentary to the trails.

On the way to the trailhead we stopped at the Park Visitors Center for a map. We had a bit of trouble deciphering the lines and interpreting their meanings, but finally found the trailhead for the Hidden Springs Trail. The trail is 5 miles long and basically meanders along the borders of the Park. It has hardly any elevation gain or loss and would have been graded as an easy trail except for the slippery footing. No one busted their rears, but that record was achieved only by pure luck.

The loop trail was wet from the recent rains which added to the already saturated soil of the the incredibly damp fall season. The flat trail has hardly any drainage, so the water had puddled on the trail. Some puddles had the opportunity to grow until they formed small ponds, but no fish were spotted. The basic points of interest were the numerous sink holes and dripping springs. A few of the holes were very interesting.

After finishing the Hidden Springs loop we drove to the entrance of the park and walked the Cedar Forest Trail. The trailhead had ample parking for the two mile loop. From the trailhead the trail follows a paved path up a small rise. The gain in elevation allowed for better drainage. Puddling water was not an issue on the Cedar Forest Trail. Points of interest included a maze like area of waist-high rock outcroppings and a few sink holes.

A few trail notes ...

  • The Cedar Forest trail was easier to follow than the Hidden Springs Trail.
  • The Hidden Springs trail had a matrix of man made and animal trails criss-crossing the path. Look for the white blazes and signage. At times the trail was hard to follow.
  • The Park map has been updated (from Nov12 viist)
  • Trails are not a focus of the park.
  • Oddly enough there were not many cedar-ish trees along the Cedar Forest Trail.
  • The area’s facilities were ample and seemed well maintained.
  • Signs were posted that the Park was a "trash can free park." The signs advised taking trash to the dumpster.

The Park seemed like a great place for family camping and picnicking. Other amenities of the Park included a pool, cabins, and a great looking lodge. The Park is not a destination for hiking, however if you were visiting the Park, hiking the trails would be a good activity.

Happy muddy trails.



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