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233 Byrd Creek Trail Run 2010-05-26

starting line

Saturday, May 22, was the first (annual?) Byrd Creek Trail Run in Cumberland Mountain State Park. The event drew 46 runners for the 9.3 mile trail run and 43 participants for the 1.8 mile Fun Run. Proceeds from the event were split between the Cumberland Mountain Friends Group (to help sponsor the summer Junior Ranger Program) and the State Park Ranger Association (for the Ranger Training Scholarship Fund).

The race started at the ball fields at the top of a hill. At the firing of the rifle, the runners raced down the hill. Life was good. The runners from both races continued on the road to the dam where they left the road and began the trail section. For the Fun Runners they completed the Plateau Nature Trail and returned on the road back to the start.

The Trail Runners still had some work ahead of them. As the heat and humidity grew, so did the miles, all nine of them. Thank goodness for the water stations and shade.

By the end of the race there were a lot of folks trying out for the band, Blood, Sweat, and Tears, as they climbed the last hill back to the finish line!

finish line

Once the runners' temperatures returned to normal, they were treated to food, drinks, music, awards, and prizes. Everyone seemed to have a good time - including the participants, event staff, and spectators. There was already talk and anticipation for the race next year!

A few race notes…

  • The Byrd Creek Trail Run was the first event of its kind for the staff. They had a few hiccups but were learning quickly.
  • One of the Race Directors even ran in a Trail Run prior to the Byrd Creek, just to better understand the details of the event from the runners perspective.
  • The whole staff from the State Parks, the Cumberland Mountain Park staff, and the Cumberland Mountain Friends Group were all dedicated to giving a good, safe, event for the participants.
  • Marcus Evans was the male overall winner.
  • Sharmain Wyatt was the female overall winner.

Happy running trails.


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