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489 Bells Bend - Farmstead 2011-10-04

Bells Bend

In May I updated the cloudhiking map to Bells Bend Park, a Nashville Metro Park. After I completed it, I discovered that I had not included one new trail and another trail I had trouble finding. I needed to make another visit to the Park; but didn't have any time in the summer.

Sunday, Amy, Jake and I visited the Park. It was an absolutely perfect day and we were quite surprised to find the Park was empty. Amy was not going on the trails with me, instead she had dog duty. The creeks were dry; but there was still plenty for Jake to do.

In the meantime, I ran the trails. Starting at the Poplar Creek Trailhead I did not cross the bridge; but instead passed the red (locked) gate and ran down the old farm road. There were sections of this trail I had not hiked before. The path is much like the Loop Trail. It follows the north side of Poplar Creek past two junctions, the first is the return loop of the path and the second in a cut to a creek crossing. The path also passes the old farmstead (on the hill to the north) - on the way to the Cumberland River. After a short stretch along the river, the path continues through fields to return to the main path and back to the trailhead. The total distance is 2.25 miles and is rated as easy.

After resetting my GPS I left the trailhead again and this time crossed the bridge. I followed the Loop Trail until turning to access the trail to the pond. When I was there in the spring, the pathway had not been mowed because of all the rain and was therefore hard to follow. Now the path was obvious.


Flowers in the fields


We were not in the Park very long; but it was a fun trip. The wildflowers filled the fields beneath the blue skies. I wish you could have been there!

A few Bells Bend notes…

There is a privy at the Poplar Creek Trailhead; but no water. Water is available at the Outdoor Center.

The paths have no signage or markers.

They do have cloudhiking maps!

The "Farmstead" pathway was easy to follow. I will check on the official name of the path.

I ran the paths. It was not like running on a trail. The mowed grass left an uneven surface. I slowed down a bit and had a great time. It is a great running Park.

The flowers were outstanding (02OCT11).

We were truly amazed that we were the only folks visiting the Park. It is a great walk with abundant birds and flowers.

Check out their site and plan a visit. I hope to update the map soon!

Happy Bells Bend trails


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