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389 Bells Bend Park 2011-05-07

Bells Bend Loop Trail

My dog, Jake, and I went to Bells Bend Park yesterday. Our goal was to collect data in order to revise the cloudhiking map for Bells Bend. The original map did not cover the whole Park; instead just the Loop Trail. We spent about three hours in the Park and hiked 8.35 miles. There are not that many trail miles, but we had to walk trails twice, out and back, and others we just liked and decided to re-walk it.

The Park looked great. The flowers were blooming in the fields and the birds were chirping everywhere. The creeks were moving fast and the river was full. It was a great trail day.

A few trail notes ...

The Poplar Creek Trailhead is an excellent facility. There was no water at the trailhead; but there was a Port-a-potty.

The Park is a beautiful old farm on the banks of the Cumberland River.

The trails are mowed paths through fields. Most of the paths are wide enough to be considered roads.

The kiosk map indicated some paths as farm roads. There is little difference between the farm road and the trails.

There were no trail signs or blazes.

Red winged blackbirds were plentiful.

There was a new (from my last visit) trail that led from behind the Outdoor Center to Poplar Creek. The trail is still being developed.

The barn and group camping area is wonderful.

By mowing the paths, the bugs were under control. I had a few ticks; but I probably did not get them from the trail. I explored a bit in tall grassy sections. Yes, I probably deserved ticks!

The fields are, naturally, not shaded and could be hot during the summer. Morning or evening walks might be cooler.

Water and restrooms are available at the Outdoor Center.

The Outdoor Center was closed; but it is an excellent facility.

Bells Bend Park is the biggest kept secret in Nashville. It is a picturesque park with good trails and excellent facilities. It is a good way to spend an afternoon.

Happy Bells Bend's uncrowded trails


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