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722 Beaman Park Map 2012-10-29

Along the Henry Hollow Trail

Over the last few weeks we have been updating and re-drawing the Beaman Park Map. One key file, a GPS, was missing. I couldn't find it anywhere, so we went for a Saturday morning hike in the Park. Just because we had to visit the Park, didn't mean we couldn't have fun.

The weather had finally changed from summer to fall, and the warm air was replaced with cooler temperatures. It would have been cold for swimming, but it was almost perfect for hiking.

White board of Beaman activities

The White-board at the Nature Center

The parking area near the Nature Center was busy. We thought because of the change in the weather, no one would be at the Park, but on arriving we saw a white board filled with the days activities. Beaman Park was going to be busy that day. A great event at the Park was the annual Halloween - Witch Hazel Hunt. We were sorry we did not plan for the event.

We hiked down the Sedgehill Trail to Henry Creek and then up the hollow to the Ridgetop Trail. We did not take the trail to it's end, but instead hiked the Shortcut Trail and then back on the Ridgetop Trail. We then, continued on the Henry Hollow Trail to Henry Creek near the Creekside Trailhead. After reaching Henry Creek we hiked up the creek and returned to the Nature Center. Of course we had to stop and let Jake play in the creek, after all he is a Golden Retriever.

At the Nature Center we explored the area and walked the Boardwalk before leaving. On the drive out, we had to briefly visit the other trailheads before leaving.

We had a great visit to Beaman Park. The hike was very enjoyable. Don't let the fall season pass you by, plan a visit to the Park.

Sedgehill trailhead kiosk

The Sedgehill Trailhead Kiosk

The Beaman Park trail map has now been updated. The map prints okay on a gray scale laser printer, but it is designed to be downloaded to your computer, pad, or smart phone. For more information on downloading the pdf map to an iPad or iPhone see the Map Page on cloudhiking.

Happy Beaman Park trails


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