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538 Short Visit to
Beaman Park

Henry Hollow Loop Trail

Yesterday afternoon, Jake, the dog, and I went for a short visit to Beaman Park. We had not been to the Park in a couple of years and had been wanting to re-hike the trails.

Beaman Park is located in northwest Nashville off of Old Hickory. From Briley Parkway (between 1-40 west of town and 1-24 north west of town) turn onto Ashland City Highway and go west for three miles. Turn right at the light onto Old Hickory. The Park's Nature Center is on the left after about four miles. The entrance is signed.

As we were walking to the trail from the parking area we noticed that the boardwalk was completed (or nearly completed). The walkway was longer than I expected. A path extends the loop as it returns to the Nature Center. I am sure the Park staff have many plans for using the unique boardwalk.

From the Nature Center the Sedge Hill Trail was paved for a short distance as it followed the top of the ridge. As the pavement ended the trail descended the hill. Jake got excited as we neared Henry Creek.

We crossed the creek and started on the Henry Hollow Loop. The trail climbs to the Highland Trailhead and then descends to the Creekside Trailhead. The trail is moderate because of the climb to the ridge top.

Once back at Henry Creek the trail follows the creek to finish the loop and return to the Sedge Hill Trail.




A few Beaman notes ...

Visit the Park. If you haven't seen the boardwalk, it is worth a special trip. The Park would be a good Holiday adventure.

The trails were in great shape. They were also very easy to follow.

I saw only one piece of litter and it was in the creek (in a hard to get to area.) It is great to visit a hiker's park.

The Creekside Trail is a nice easy walk. (This is the section of the Henry Hollow Trail along Henry Creek from the trailhead to the bridge)

Henry Creek was Jake's favorite part of the hike. He laid in the creek bed for a few minutes, enjoying the cool water.

Our total distance was three and a half miles.

Happy boardwalk and trails


cloudhiking - Beaman 's Trails - Henry Hollow Loop


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