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Scree - June 19, 2011 - Thunderheads on Thunderhead Mountain

going toward thunderhead

Thunderheads on Thunderhead Mountain

Friday, I went with some friends to the Smokies. It was a wet; but fun, weekend.

On Saturday, Jon and our Knoxville friends, Nick and Ed, hiked from Cades Cove to Thunderhead Mountain. On the hike up the mountain, Jon set a steady pace and we reached Thunderhead in about 3.5 hours. While hiking, fast Nick, kept wanting to bet on when the first rain drop would hit us. Nick was off his guess by a couple of hours; but, of course no one else would guess against the weatherman. One rain drop hit us and he brought a few million of his friends. We descended the mountain in a stream instead of a trail.

More on this story soon.

I hope all my cloudhiking and journal friends had good weekends. It wasn't a great weather weekend; but I hope Joe, Will, and others had success.

Creek Crossing

We walked down from Spence Field in a torrential down pour. If we had brought inner tubes, we could probably have floated down the trail. After about an hour and a half of wading, we came to a creek crossing. All three of the guys in front of me carefully rock hopped across the overflowing creek, as if they were trying to keep their soaked feet dry ...

I looked at the creek and my feet and just waded across. My feet could not get any wetter, so there was no use in wasting time and risk busting my rear stepping on stones. Arrrh.

I did enjoy splashing in the water!


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