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Scree - June 12, 2011 - Tomatoes

tomatoes on the porch


My wife has tomato plants on the front patio. For about a month now, she has nurtured the plants and now she is finally going to see the fruits of her labor. Well, sort of ....

Amy has gone to Germany with her 4 siblings to celebrate their mom's 80th birthday. She left Jake, the dog, and I to tend to the precious tomato plants. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as she left, the green tomatoes started showing color. With any luck, Jake and I will be eating our patio grown tomatoes, soon. Mmmm.

It is amazingly easy and fun to grow vegetables. We hope to expand our vegetable garden for next year. Now if we can just figure out how to garden while we are doing our summer travels!

Oh, and yes, Jake likes tomatoes as much as we do. Why do you think the fence is around them!

Don't worry Amy, we'll save you some.

Climbers Wanted

So, my mother was wrong - rock climbing does teach a certain desirable set of skills. While playing on exposed climbs with wind and weather, the rock climber is actually training to be a wind turbine repair or maintenance man. The now employed, dirt bag climbers, travel from wind farm to wind farm to work high above the ground on the turbines in all weather and they even get paid. The New York Times had a great article ... see more.

Mountain Lion in Connecticut?

In Connecticut? Why would a mountain lion be hanging out there? I guess he was a cool cat and wanted to go to the village!

Actually, the mountain lion was hit by a SUV near the town of Milton. The odd part of this story is that there are no known populations of mountain lions east of the Mississippi. Perhaps, he was an escaped, exotic pet. It was unfortunate that he was killed. I bet he had a lot to tell us - how he got to Connecticut, where was he dining, where was he going, were the people friendly, etc.