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Scree - June 09, 2011 - Streets of Nashville

streets of Nashville

Streets of Nashville - 1

Running the streets of Nashville I interact with the people I meet. Most of them probably think I am some kind of a nut house; but it's okay!

Last week while running near Vanderbilt, I passed a dapper cowboy. He was dressed to the tee with a big hat, western shirt, bolo, jeans, boots and a huge belt buckle that said, "Slim".

I said in passing, "howdy, Slim." It was obvious that he wanted everyone to know his name or at least what he wanted to be called.

Surprised, he responded, "how did you know my name?"

I pointed to the huge belt buckle.

"Oh yeah" he responded and smiled broadly.

So if you see "Slim" be sure to call him by name, I think he likes the recognition.

Streets of Nashville - 2

On another day I was approaching a man who was fitness walking. I was sweating profusely as I climbed a steep hill in ninety degree heat. The closer I got to the walker the more he limped. By the time I reached him, he had a noticeable limp.

He called out to me, "wish I could run with you."

I was in absolute misery climbing the hill - I could not have looked like I was having fun; but somehow this man wished he could run like me. Huh! We are indeed fortunate for having the physical ability and freedom to exercise, even if the exercise is running up hills in ninety degree heat and leaking sweat all over the steaming concrete!

Streets of Nashville - 3

Running down Music Row (16th St) I saw a man pushing a grocery cart filled with collectibles. When I came closer to him, he called out, "I am just trying to find downtown, which way do I go?"

He was in deed going the wrong direction, so I turned him around. After passing him, I stopped and turned around and told him of a soup kitchen that served lunches not far from where he was.

The man's face lit up and he smiled broadly and offered me a swig from his bottle for my troubles. I decline. The beverage probably would not have set well on my stomach while running.