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Scree - May 24, 2011 - People in Yosemite

Entrance gate at Yosemite

Image Captured from NPS Video

People in Yosemite

Looking around the internet, I found this NPS video filmed in Yosemite. There are some great scenery shots, but the video is really about the visitors tot he Park. The real-time footage was sped up resulting in some great scenes. In particularly, I enjoyed the rock climbers and hikers. They looked like ants scrambling over the rocks and trail.

This is a great video, it s worth the few minutes to watch it.

Yosemite National Park - People in Yosemite

Running Story

Yesterday, while running in the neighborhood, two college age guys came along beside me at a traffic light. There was no traffic coming in any direction so I stopped, looked, and ran it. I was not going to stand there and wait on a vehicle to finally come and trip the light - there was no traffic so I continued at my own risk.

The bicyclists followed me through the light. Chuckling I said to them, "hey, you guys just ran that red light!"

One cyclist answered, "No, you ran it, we just followed you."

We all laughed as we continued on our separate ways.

Shelby Farms Park - Patriot Lake Trail

After finishing the Chickasaw Trail at Shelby Farms Park Conservancy, we finished up our data on the Park by also completing the Patriot Lake Trail. Patriot Trail is a well used, 1.67 mile paved loop trail. It was a thoroughly enjoyable walk with lots of birds.

cloudhiking - Patriot Lake Trail

cloudhiking - Chickasaw and Greenline Connector Trails

cloudhiking - Shelby Farms Park map