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Scree - April 30, 2011 - Beach Figure

oatmeal cooking

Beach Figure

Well, it's spring in Nashville and I am back to my springtime rituals. Each winter I get fat and lazy and then each spring, I try desperately to return to some form of physical fitness. When I was growing up and going to the beach all of the time, it was referred to as getting back that beach figure.

Nowadays, I don't go to the beach; instead we vacation in the mountains but there is still something about training for the summer. I guess it is just in my blood.

Each winter I exercise too little and eat too much. Then along about Christmas, all of a sudden I gain ten to fifteen pounds in what seems like days. The weight then sits there for the rest of the winter and into the spring. I let out the belt and get comfortable carrying the extra weight around. I am able to run, hike and climb with the spare tire in place, so why alter the fitness program?

Deep down I know that I need to lose some weight to put on a swimming suit! I know I need to get fit. If I can easily run with the spare tire, then it is logical I will be faster and lighter if I can drop fifteen or twenty pounds. So, I have been at it for a month. It? Dieting! again. I am not looking for a miracle cure, just a slow steady drop in weight, looking to be at an appropriate goal by the middle of June.

So how is it going? Well, for the first two weeks, I cut back on everything and, surprisingly, seemed to be actually gaining weight. Then, finally, the scales started indicating progress or rather a reducing trend.

The secret? There is none. I am hungry all of the time. My diet is trying to cut out (or back) on simple carbohydrates and fat. I am a vegetarian. My daily fare is oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for snacks and lunch, and salad or veggie dish for dinner.

Cutting back on food is not enough, I still need to train. for our summer adventures. I have increased my weekly running miles by 50% and also trying to pick up the speed. I don't know if running and exercising helps me lose weight; but it definitely makes me stronger.

So, the painful truth is that the regime is working; but my wife is helping a lot. I think she wants to see me in a Speedo. Ha!

Good luck to all you working on similar goals. See you on the beach!


Today is the running of the Country Music Marathon. It is a beautiful day (unlike last year) and the runners should have pleasant conditions.

Also the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival is on tour in Nashville. Two hours of films are being shown at the Downtown Library. I hope the attendance is good; but the perfect weather and the marathon are two strikes against it. I hope to attend. The films they chose to show look great. Hope to see you there.